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Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Suzhou Luo Kewei long service in the field of manufacturing automation, providing full automation equipment and related solutions. Our superior products for the automatic laser marking machines, automatic high-precision pouring machine, in addition to the requirements, design and manufacture of non-standard automatic loading and board machines, automatic film machine according to the customer, Tray plate inspection machine, sewing machine rotor pressure test table, pre-plastic extrusion machines, presses, etc. 
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Laser marking machine - contrast with traditional laser machining machining Laser marking machine, laser processing,... [Show Details]


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Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Suzhou Luo Kewei
Address: Four Enlightenment Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park No. 45 Songbei Road, Suzhou Industrial Park
Tel: 0512-62744983
Mobile: 13862152315 Lou Xiansheng
Fax: 0512-62859731
E-mail: louge@

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